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We are currently open by appointment. Schedule an appointment here. Of course, if you are experiencing cold symptoms or have been in contact with someone who may have the coronavirus, please refrain from coming in. In order to limit the potential spread of disease, we will be cleaning and disinfecting surfaces around the shop on […]

5 Sources of Inspiration for Young Players (and the Young-at-Heart)

Classical music is great! But it isn’t always accessible for young students, and sometimes even those of us who play it and love it just want to have some heart-pounding fun on our instruments. Fortunately, we can do both – for proof, check out what these classically-trained musicians are playing:  1.David Garrett –   David Garrett has been a […]

Dealing with the Winter Doldrums: 7 Ideas for Staying Inspired

The holidays are peak season for motivation – there’s so much fun music to play, and family gatherings are great opportunities for showing off skills. But when the tinsel’s been tossed and the tree’s in the compost pile (but the snow is still falling) motivation takes a hit. The next set of concerts usually isn’t for months, and there’s no festive mid-winter tunes to try out. But creative students (or their […]

Instrument Maintenance Through the Seasons: Part 1

String instruments love stability – the less fluctuation in climate, the better they function and the longer they’ll stay in one piece. Unfortunately for all of us New England string players, weather here is anything but stable. Knowing what changes to expect through the seasons, and how to manage them, will help you keep your […]

3 Ways to Play This Summer

The more students play, the more likely they are to keep playing! Teachers know that students who stay committed to their instrument over the summer months are more likely to stick with it into the following fall and beyond. Regular playing experiences, whether in private lessons, orchestra rehearsals, or just practicing at home, keep students […]